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Sandrine Virot

Tapissier d'ameublement

Sandrine VIROT is 34 years old from Bordeaux loves his region to the good climate to live in, the wine of Saint Emilion and these specialties fluted his steak Bordelaise. His long walks on the beach in the off season or spirit escapes watching the rollers form and ask gently.

Sandrine VIROT is a creative young woman who loves art because for him it different arts come to mind: The art of living, creating, loving, listening to others. She is spontaneous, smiling, living life to the full tooth is a caring and attentive person for his family. Always there for a convivial meal with his friends where we talk and laugh.

She loves her business: the chance to give life to a chair, furniture, furniture while personalizing it in the spirit of the room where the family lives. She lives on the side Libourne which is a twenty-five and fifteen kilometers from Bordeaux Saint Emilion and its great Bordeaux vineyards known worldwide.