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Furniture restoration

Restoration :

Restoring furniture breathes new life into it. We can also stain furniture in keeping with the wood. In the Napoleonic era, furniture was made using the wood of the pear tree. The tree's black wood helps you recognise the Napoleonic style. There are numerous different types of wood, each one representative of a different era, style or region: mahogany, cherry, oak, walnut...

Restoring an heirloom or antique piece of furniture is to continue its history, accumulating new memories without spoiling those of the past.

Depending on its condition, Sandrine Virot will take the piece apart in order to be able to fully restore it. Our savoir faire is the result of extensive experience coupled with passion and tricks of the trade passed down from generation to generation. Restored furniture makes a good present for Mother's, Father's and Grandparents' Day, or for a birthday or Christmas. A present they will appreciate and continue appreciating for a long time.

Sofas :

Sofas come in many styles and have many uses. Whether you're sharing drinks with friends or sitting in front of the fire with family, your sofa is an important part of your living-room. A sofa bed provides extra sleeping space. There are also corner sofas, armless sofas in various styles, divan sofas... The filling and fabric will differ according to usage.