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Chairs :

A chair starts life as a barrel made by a furniture-maker. Our job as upholsterers is to fill the barrel.

Here are the different steps involved in creating this piece of furniture. Everything, including the style of the chair and the shape of the chair seat, has to be taken into consideration.

  • Webbing: The webbing is fixed using a webbing stretcher.
  • Securing the springs: the style of the chair and the seat shape both need to be taken into account as this will determine the number and height of the springs. It is a very specific calculation.
  • Spring-tying: A thick rope is used for lowering the springs to the correct height.
  • Fixing the strong canvas: the canvas is stitched to the springs.
  • Next comes a layer of vegetable fibre.
  • Canvas cover: this allows us to structure the shape of the seat.
  • The outside edges are made into a roll achieved by stitching three rows of twine.
  • Animal hair
  • White canvas
  • Top fabric: The choice of material is very important. It should be chosen in accordance with the style of the chair.*
  • Finishes: Studs, trimmings, piping.

*Certain materials, such as silk, are very difficult to work with when covering chair seats. Ask a professional for advice before buying your fabric. Make sure to take accurate measurements to ensure that you have sufficient material to complete the work.